Safe and Secure - Electronic Check Conversion

The EZCheck® Electronic Check Transfer (ECT) program combines the benefits of paper checks with the speed, ease and safety of electronic processing. It's just like accepting a credit card or debit card at the point-of-sale. The check is converted to a paperless transaction by electronically moving funds from the customer's bank account to the business's bank account. Combined with Check Guarantee, this service delivers a streamlined check acceptance process that eliminates returned checks and returned check fees, while reducing paperwork and trips to the bank.

With the EZCheck ECT program, check writers will continue to benefit from the float of a paper check, since the electronic item is processed through the banking cycle in the same amount of time as a traditional paper check. It's a safe process that uses a secure bank system similar to those used for direct deposits and ATM transactions. The EZCheck ECT program helps businesses take full advantage of this new innovation in the world of electronic commerce and provides the added safety and convenience of paperless money.

Merchant Benefits
  • Provides the ability to accept checks as easily as credit cards
  • Reduces or eliminates check losses
  • Improves cash flow with funds available within two banking days
  • Eliminates returned check fees and reduces bank fees
  • Reduces labor costs associated with preparing paper checks for deposit
  • Utilizes secure, automated processing
  • Speeds customer check-out
  • Provides easy reconciliation and record keeping
  • Reduces check fraud

Customer Benefits:
  • Maintains the same float as a paper check
  • Provides a complete record of the transaction on their bank statement
  • Reduces the risk from carrying cash and is cheaper than ATM transactions
  • Improves the speed and ease at check-out

To sign your business up for EZCheck’s ECT service, or to learn more about EZCheck’s other check payment processing services click here.

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